Real estate marketing sign for Jason Anson, a real estate agent from eXp Realty, showcasing recent market statistics for Comox Valley in February 2024. It includes a sold sign, contact information, and comparative data on new and active listings, average selling price, properties sold, and average days on the market.
Get the latest insights into the Comox Valley real estate trends with this detailed market update for February 2024, provided by Jason Anson of eXp Realty.

The Comox Valley Home Values in February 2024 report illuminates the shifting landscapes of the real estate market. As we delve into the nuances of listings, sales, and pricing trends, we uncover the undercurrents shaping the market, providing stakeholders with essential insights to navigate the terrain.

Market Overview of February 2024

In February 2024, the Comox Valley real estate market demonstrated significant trends, with data from the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board indicating a vibrant environment. Factors such as economic indicators and inventory levels have spurred activity, emphasizing the market’s health and the continued interest in residential properties.

Detailed Analysis
Comparative Activity by Property Type for February 2024
  • Listings: Witnessed a 13.44% increase from the previous year, indicating a seller’s confidence.
  • Sales Volume: A 15.45% increase in sales highlights a robust demand.
  • Market Dynamics: The improved sell/list ratio suggests a balanced market, benefitting both buyers and sellers.
Impact on Buyers and Sellers

The current market trends offer a promising outlook for both buyers and sellers, with equitable opportunities for transactions at competitive market values.

Regional Highlights

Spotlight on specific areas within Comox Valley that showcase unique market conditions, offering distinct opportunities for investment.

Active Listings

An analysis of current inventory levels compared to historical trends provides insights into the market’s supply dynamics.

Market Insights

Exploration of emerging trends, including the growing demand for energy-efficient homes, which are reshaping market preferences and values.

Listings and Sales Volume

The upward trend in listings and sales volume underscores a dynamic market, encouraging continued interest in Comox Valley’s real estate.

Pricing Trends

With the average selling price per unit climbing to $824,704, a 5.23% increase, the market’s upward trajectory in home values is evident.

Market Efficiency

The market’s efficiency is highlighted by reduced days on market and a consistent sell price/list price ratio, facilitating effective transactions.

Additional Considerations
  • Financial Market Overview: The current financial landscape supports real estate investments, with favorable conditions encouraging market activity.
  • Upcoming Trends Forecast: Anticipated shifts include sustained demand for residential properties and potential growth in the luxury segment.
  • Sub-market Analysis: Offers a closer look at specific areas within Comox Valley, revealing diverse market dynamics and investment opportunities.


The Comox Valley Home Values in February 2024 report reveals a market characterized by robust demand and rising home values, presenting opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. As the market evolves, personalized advice from real estate professionals becomes invaluable for navigating these trends and leveraging them to meet individual objectives.

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