How Big is Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island spans approximately 31,285 square kilometers (12,079 square miles), the largest on the West Coast of North America. Driving from the southern tip to the northern end takes about 7 hours, and crossing from the eastern to the western edge can take roughly 3 hours, reflecting its vast size and diverse landscapes.

Explore Vancouver Island with my Interactive Map

Engage with this interactive map to uncover the hidden gems, popular attractions, and essential services each community on Vancouver Island has to offer. Whether you’re a local resident or considering a move to this picturesque Pacific paradise, my website provides valuable insights into the culture, lifestyle, and the heartbeat of each region. It’s an essential resource for anyone wanting to connect with Vancouver Island’s vibrant communities.


Discover the Regions of Vancouver Island

Embark on a journey through Vancouver Island’s diverse communities, each with its own unique charm and character. From the tranquil beauty of the North to the historic allure of Victoria, my comprehensive community profiles offer a window into the varied lifestyles, natural wonders, and vibrant cultures that make Vancouver Island a sought-after destination for both adventurers and those seeking tranquility. 

North Vancouver Island

Venture into the untamed beauty and welcoming communities of North Vancouver Island, where adventure and tranquility coexist in perfect harmony.

Central Vancouver Island

Discover Central Vancouver Island’s vibrant heart, where lush landscapes meet thriving towns, crafting a mosaic of culture and natural wonder.

South Vancouver Island

Explore South Vancouver Island, where the rugged coastline meets lush forests, creating a backdrop for communities rich in history and artistic spirit.

A wooden bridge strewn with fallen autumn leaves leads through a forest on Vancouver Island, with trees displaying vibrant green and yellow foliage on either side.

Uncover the Hidden Gems of  Living on Vancouver Island

Step into a world where unparalleled natural beauty meets unparalleled community spirit. My website takes you beyond the surface, revealing Vancouver Island’s hidden gems.

Pacific Rim

Where the wild, untamed spirit of the West Coast is alive, offering a sanctuary of breathtaking landscapes and profound natural serenity.

Gulf Islands

Each island boasts its own unique melody, composed of tranquil bays, cozy cafes, and pathways that wind through forests and along sun-drenched beaches.

Surrounding Islands

Discover secluded havens of peace and natural beauty, each island offering its unique blend of tranquility, adventure, and community.

Navigate Vancouver Island Real Estate

Dive into the vibrant real estate market of Vancouver Island. From lush, secluded waterfront properties to bustling city dwellings, each area unveils its own distinct allure and investment opportunities.

Vancouver Island Relocation Guide

Wether you’re moving within Vancouver Island, to the island or off of it. I’ve assembled this guide to help you make a smooth move in either direction. 

Relocating Within Vancouver Island

Relocate to Vancouver Island

You’ll find everything you need to know about making the move from the south to the north and everything in between. From finding a place to live to getting settled in your new community.

Relocating to Vancouver Island

Relocating within Vancouver Island

If you’re considering a move to Vancouver Island, congratulations! The island is accessible by air and ferry, and there are many communities to choose from when relocating here.

Relocating from Vancouver Island

Relocating off Vancouver Island

The process of relocating off Vancouver Island can be daunting, but I’m here to help. With a little planning and preparation you can make the transition from the Island to the mainland with ease.