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If you’re thinking of buying or selling on Vancouver Island, it’s important to know while automated Home Value tools provide a snapshot, as a seasoned REALTOR ®, I delve into the vibrant ebb and flow of Vancouver Island’s Real Estate Board’s market to give you not just data, but a narrative that affects your property’s value. 

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Latest Market Reports

Past 3 Months Market Reports

Pacific Rim real estate market infographic for March 2024 with Jason Anson's realtor information.
Discover key trends in the Pacific Rim Area real estate market for March 2024. This report provides essential data on home values, market dynamics, and future outlooks.
Real estate market update infographic for the Pacific Rim area, dated February 2024. It highlights an average selling price for single-family detached homes of $637,096, a minor increase from the previous year. The infographic shows a comparison of new versus active listings with 44 new and 93 active listings, alongside a graph indicating 26 properties sold with an average of 59 days on the market. Jason Anson's contact details and logo for eXp Realty are prominently displayed, indicating his role in the transactions.
February 2024 saw significant shifts in the Pacific Rim Area's real estate market, with increased sales volume and fluctuating home values. Delve into our report for an in-depth analysis.