Did You Know That 95% of Home Buyers Start Their Search Online?

In today’s digital-first world, having a real estate agent who not only understands the market but masters the digital landscape is crucial. I am that agent. With over 25 years of experience in digital media and a strong educational background in information technologies, my approach to selling homes is both strategic and data-driven.

When It Comes to Selling Your Home, You Deserve the Best

In the competitive landscape of real estate, making a great first impression is non-negotiable. Your choice between going the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route or selecting a REALTOR® can significantly impact the success of your sale. Here’s why the right choice matters:

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Sellers

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Sellers

Thinking about saving on REALTOR® commission fees? It might seem appealing to sell your home independently, especially if you have marketing-savvy friends or relatives. However, the question remains: Do houses sell themselves? The process might surprise you.

Don’t Just Pick ANY REALTOR®

The REALTOR® Advantage: Not Just Any Agent

In 2023, amidst a highly competitive market, my listings not only sold the fastest but also for the highest average sale price among the top 10 agents in the Cowichan Lake area. This unparalleled performance is a testament to my strategic marketing, advanced analytics, and personalized approach to each sale.

Maximize Your Home’s Value with a Proven Expert

When the time comes to say ‘sell my house,’ you deserve a strategy that not only maximizes your home’s value but also simplifies the process, making it as stress-free as possible. With a track record of successfully navigating the selling landscape, I offer personalized guidance and innovative marketing strategies tailored to highlight your home’s unique features. My approach is focused on understanding your specific needs and goals, ensuring a smooth journey from listing to closing. Discover how my dedication to sellers has transformed the sales experience, securing optimal outcomes and satisfaction. Partner with a trusted expert who not only knows the ‘sell my house’ journey inside and out but also cares deeply about turning your real estate goals into reality. Let’s achieve top market value for your home together.

Why This Matters:

Choosing me as your REALTOR® means partnering with a market leader. My proven track record of faster sales, higher average sale prices, and strong sale-to-asking price ratios demonstrates a high level of service and effectiveness unmatched in our market. This focus on quality transactions speaks volumes about what I bring to the table—ensuring your home not only sells quickly but for top dollar, with minimal hassle to you.

Leveraging my expertise, your home will be positioned to make a compelling first impression, reaching the right buyers at the right time. Through my comprehensive Selling Your Home Marketing Guide, discover the strategic process I employ to elevate your listing above the competition.

Unparalleled Market Insight

My advanced analytical skills, honed over decades, allow me to decipher market trends swiftly, ensuring your home is priced accurately from the start. This precision in pricing strategy is critical in attracting serious buyers and securing the best possible sale price. 

Advanced Marketing Expertise

Leveraging my extensive experience, I craft targeted, high-impact digital marketing campaigns that propel your listing in front of a broader audience than ever before. This isn’t just about being seen—it’s about being seen by the right buyers, at the right time, with the right message.

Community-Driven Success

Beyond the numbers and the strategies lies the heart of my real estate philosophy—community. In 2023 alone, I dedicated significant efforts to assisting homeowners pro-bono, and contributing to local causes. This blend of professional excellence and community involvement has not only raised $6,750 for the Lake Cowichan Food Bank but has also cemented my reputation as a trusted community leader. 

Award-Winning Service

My commitment to excellence has been recognized far and wide, with accolades including ‘The Best of the Valley’ by the Cowichan Valley Citizen and finalist positions in the Times Colonist Readers’ Choice Awards. These are not just awards but a testament to the trust and satisfaction my clients feel, working with me.

Establishing a Home Selling Price


The first step to unlocking the value of your home in your selling journey is to understand the worth of your property. With my complimentary and obligation-free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), I provide you with a detailed evaluation, suggesting an optimal listing price to attract buyers and maximize returns.

Through my CMA, you will gain insightful analysis into the current market dynamics affecting your home’s value. This analysis not only helps in setting a competitive price range but also gives you a realistic expectation of how long your property might take to sell in today’s market.

A spread of pages from Jason Anson's Comparative Market Analysis report, featuring property photos, detailed listings, graphs, and a waterfront property highlight.

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