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Economic Conditions

Bank of Canada Background

The Bank of Canada, established in 1934 under the Bank of Canada Act, serves as the nation’s central bank and a crown corporation. Its primary mission is to foster economic and financial stability across Canada. As the key architect of Canada’s monetary policy, the Bank of Canada plays a crucial role in overseeing the country’s financial systems. Its central mechanism for managing monetary policy is the target for the overnight rate, also known as the key policy rate. By adjusting this rate, the Bank influences the amount of money in circulation within the economy. Additionally, it holds the exclusive authority to issue and manage Canadian currency and regulate foreign currency reserves. As a realtor, understanding these policies can provide insights into market trends and financial conditions affecting the real estate sector.

The Bank of Canada and Mortgage Rates

As a realtor, it’s crucial to understand how the Bank of Canada impacts mortgage rates, a key factor affecting the housing market. The Bank sets the key policy rate, which influences all borrowing and lending rates in Canada, including the prime rates set by banks. When the Bank adjusts this rate, it directly affects variable mortgage rates, which are tied to the lender’s prime rate.

Infographic of Bank of Canada interest rates and major Canadian bank mortgage rates as of March 2024.
In its latest financial update, the Bank of Canada maintains the policy rate at 5%, reflecting ongoing efforts to stabilize the economy amid fluctuating inflation rates and shifting employment figures. This decision impacts homeowners and potential buyers, as it influences mortgage rates and the housing market. Learn more about what this means for your financial planning and real estate investments.

Supply and Demand 

Understanding the Market’s Pulse

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