Who am I?

I’m a people’s choice  award-winning REALTOR ® with a passion for the real estate market and a commitment to helping my clients achieve their dreams. Over the years, I’ve been honoured to share my insights and expertise with prestigious media and print outlets, including the Times Colonist and Cowichan Valley Citizen. These contributions have solidified my reputation as a trusted source of real estate knowledge.

Media and Press Stories

Jason Anson with colleagues, presenting a ,750 check to the Cowichan Food Bank, commemorating his accolades as Vancouver Island's #1 Realtor and a community advocate.
I’m pictured with representatives from the Lake Cowichan Food Bank and grateful homeowners, holding a $6,750 cheque, the fruit of our community’s generosity for my pro bono work.

My journey to becoming a people’s choice award-winning REALTOR® has been driven by a steadfast commitment to the communities I serve on Vancouver Island. When unfair property assessments threatened the dreams of homeowners, I stepped up as an expert witness on real estate markets and comparative market analysis. My interventions have been game-changing for many, successfully reducing property valuations by over $15 million and ensuring justice in the assessment process. This decisive action and the ensuing 100+ syndicated news articles across the province catapulted my name into regular media and press features, establishing me as a go-to authority in real estate knowledge. Below are key articles that highlight this advocacy, each story a testament to the power of expertise and action in the face of adversity. Join me in this continued quest for equitable assessments, as we champion the rights of property owners together. 

“It’s as if B.C. Assessment is throwing darts at a wall. The numbers show they are all over the place from any standard methods in appraisals.”, Anson said.

Waterfront property owners in Youbou appeal assessments
Cowichan Valley Citizen

Feb 17, 2023

“Unlike assessments, prices in the area are not up 28 per cent, and only four houses were sold in 2022 on the Youbou waterfront, for an average price of $1.5 million”, Anson said.

Cowichan Lake property owners face steep assessment increases
Times Colonist

Mar 5, 2023

“Since January, BC Assessment has refused to engage in any meaningful conversations on the ‘merits of evidence’ with us and, instead, have been stonewalling the property owners every step of the way for five months”, Anson said.

Youbou property owners frustrated with appeal process
Lake Cowichan Gazette

May 19, 2023

“As BC Assessment has decided to expand its inspections to an additional 100 properties in Youbou, a community of less than 500 homes, this has become a broader matter of public interest.”, Anson said.

Dozens of Youbou property owners still in limbo with assessment appeals
Cowichan Valley Citizen

Jul 7, 2023

“These comparable properties that are being used are not accurate at all, This is beyond hoodwinking and bamboozling”., Anson said.

Honeymoon Bay property owner says assessment on dilapidated home way too high
Cowichan Valley Citizen

Aug 4, 2023

“Right now, if she settles, she has no proof to show for future appeals should she fall into this situation again.”, Anson said.

BC Assessment offers to halve Honeymoon Bay property value, owner says no
Lake Cowichan Gazette

Oct 6, 2023

“I’m an expert on the BC Assessment appeals process and my goal with this channel is to present you with factual information that will, hopefully, inspire you to take action.”, Anson said.

Youbou realtor takes to YouTube to educate about property assessments
Cowichan Valley Citizen

Nov 10, 2023

“From the frustrating intricacies of the Property Assessment Review Panel to the daunting legalities of the Property Assessment Appeal Board, Over Assessed exposes the systemic challenges and biases against residential homeowners,”, Anson said.

Lake Cowichan realtor to release new book on property assessment issues
Cowichan Valley Citizen

Dec 22, 2023

“BC Assessment’s guidance to its staff in preparation for the 2024 Property Assessment Review Panel has brought to light their concern over homeowners working together” , Anson said.

Online platform available to help those appealing property assessments
Lake Cowichan Gazette

Jan 15, 2024

“Their hope is that by the time their cases are heard, the 2023 decisions will have been made, allowing them to use these valuations as a baseline rather than the new values set by BC Assessment for 2024”, Anson said.

Youbou homeowners try to break cycle of over assessment
Lake Cowichan Gazette

Feb 8, 2024

“The appeals were initially dismissed by the ­Property Assessment Review Panel without a review of the homeowners’ evidence or a ­hearing.”, Anson said.

Lake Cowichan residents win $10.5M in assessment reductions after appeals
Times Colonist

Feb 10, 2024

“BC Assessment is requesting all PARP hearings be pushed off until March 7, It will be interesting to see what they come up with.” , Anson said.

Vancouver Island property owners score big wins contesting assessments
Lake Cowichan Gazette

Mar 4, 2024