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If you’re thinking of buying or selling on Vancouver Island, it’s important to know while automated Home Value tools provide a snapshot, as a seasoned REALTOR ®, I delve into the vibrant ebb and flow of Vancouver Island’s Real Estate Board’s market to give you not just data, but a narrative that affects your property’s value.

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Past 3 Months Market Reports

Infographic of Campbell River's real estate market update for March 2024 showing key statistics, with Jason Anson's contact information.
Discover the latest dynamics in Campbell River's real estate market for March 2024, including significant changes in listings, sales, and pricing trends that could impact your investment decisions.
A detailed real estate market update flyer for Campbell River, dated February 2024. The update, presented by Jason Anson's personal real estate corporation, shows a 'Sold' signpost, highlighting a decrease in the average selling price of single-family detached homes by 4.70% from the previous year, with current figures at $703,295. The flyer also compares new and active listings, with 31 new listings against the previous 54, and 78 active listings compared to 118 from the last period. A section shows properties sold (21) and average days on the market (62). The flyer includes Jason Anson's contact information, branding for eXp Realty, and a note stating it does not intend to solicit clients under contract with another realtor.
Explore the latest trends in Campbell River's real estate market for February 2024. Our comprehensive analysis covers key changes in listings, sales volumes, and pricing trends, offering invaluable insights for buyers, sellers, and investors navigating the dynamic Campbell River landscape. Discover how these trends can impact your real estate decisions.