20 Step Process to Enhance Your Real Estate Listing Photos

When The Financial Post wrote that a report made for the Ontario Real Estate Association by IPSOS Survey said that “in real estate, pictures are the biggest draw and most-valued website feature” when it came to homes for sale. I couldn’t agree more and when it comes to your Real Estate Listing Photos, I make sure you have the best photos you can get. 

Step 1 – From Photo Shoot to Finished Photos

Each Listing has about 30-50 photos depending on the size of the home and property. Each photo goes through an extensive 20 step process to enhance the finished photo and put your home for sale in the best light.

Step 2 – Compile HDR Photo Brackets Together

Take at least 3 bracketed photos of the same scene at different exposures. For most DSLR cameras, this means taking one photo at the metered exposure, one photo underexposed by 2 stops, and one photo overexposed by 2 stops.

Step 3 – Remove Photographers Reflection

there’s a chance that your reflection will show up in the windows of the home.

Step 4 – Vertical & Horizontal Straightening

make straight

Step 5 – Image Sharpening

Image sharpening is one of the most important steps you can take to improve the quality of your real estate listing photos.

Step 6 – White Balancing

White balancing is one of the most important steps in taking real estate listing photos. It ensures that the colors in your photos are accurate, and it can make a big difference in how your photos look.

Step 7 – Remove Minor Blemishes

It’s no secret that first impressions are important, especially in the world of real estate. Studies have shown that listings with high-quality photos are more likely to sell than those without, which is why it’s so important to make sure your listing photos are top notch. One way to ensure your photos are looking their best is to remove any minor blemishes before you list. This can be anything from a small scuff on the wall to a stain on the carpet. By taking care of these little details, you’ll help your listing photos make a great first impression.

Step 8 – Lens Distortion Removal

make straight

Step 9 – Brightness and Contrast Adjustment

The brightness and contrast of your photos can make a big difference in how they are received by potential buyers. By adjusting the brightness and contrast, you can make your photos pop and ensure that they are seen in the best light possible.

Step 10 – Sky Replacement

When it comes to real estate listing photos, sky replacement can make a big difference. This simple editing technique can take an ordinary photo and turn it into something truly special.

Step 11 – Lawn Enhancement – Repair or Replace

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Step 12 – Ocean/Lake/River Water Enhancement

make straight

Step 13 – Tone Adjustments

make straight

Step 14 – TV Screen Replacement

make straight

Step 15 – Dust Spot Removal

make straight

Step 16 – Reflection Removal

make straight

Step 17 – Add Fire to Fireplaces

make straight

Step 18 – Window Pulls

make straight

Step 19 – Turn Lights On

make straight

Step 20 – Item Removal

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