According to the most recent census, the median household income on Vancouver Island is $74,287. This is slightly higher than the national average […]
If you’re considering a move to Vancouver Island, be prepared for some traffic. While the island is home to a variety of scenic […]
The Vancouver Island region of British Columbia is a beautiful and popular place to live. However, like any other area, it has its […]
Vancouver Island has some of the highest property taxes in British Columbia. Many people who live on the island say that they are […]
Vancouver Island is a unique and amazing place to live. The Island is home to three different Vancouver Island governments. The first government […]
Vancouver Island is home to a thriving theater and arts community. From small community theaters to world-renowned performing arts venues, there is something […]
Vancouver Island is home to some of the best health care in the country. With world-class hospitals, clinics and research facilities, Vancouver Island […]
There are many trades that make a living on Vancouver Island. Here are some of the most popular: Fishing: There are many commercial […]
If you’re thinking of making a move to Vancouver Island, you’re not alone. This beautiful island off the coast of British Columbia is […]
There are many businesses on Vancouver Island that cater to tourists and locals alike. From restaurants and cafes to shops and services, there […]