Safeguards like the land-title registry system make title fraud difficult to commit in B.C., experts say. But there are things homeowners can do […]
The average waterfront properties in Youbou have risen in value a whopping 28 per cent from last year, according to BC Assessment, the […]
Greater Victoria’s housing market is likely in for a soft start in January, with the pace picking up in March, although prices are […]
2300 Compass Pointe Place was valued at $7,909,000, up from $7,735,000 last year. The most valuable house on the West Shore sits atop […]
Experts say new federal, provincial regulations will make little difference. Read More. Source: Vancouver Island Free Daily.
Most Greater Victoria homeowners will see property assessments that are eight to 20 per cent higher than last year as assessment notices start […]
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Greater Victoria’s real estate market ended 2022 with sales down almost a third from the year prior, as rising inflation eroded buying power. […]
In the next few days, owners of about 384,000 properties throughout Vancouver Island can expect to receive their 2023 assessment notices, which reflect […]
B.C. Assessment has updated its database but has warned homeowners the value listed for their properties may not be what they are worth […]