Do You Want To Appeal Your BC Assessment and Win?

I have successfully coached over a dozen people to self-represent themselves for a BC Assessment reduction in their assessed value at the  Property Assessment Review Panel. In addition, I have acted as an Authorized Agent for a group as big as 23 individual complaints at to date at the Property Assessment Appeal Board

Do-It-Yourself BC Assessment Appeals

From my experience I have put together a resource of articles and videos to help you self-represent yourself for your BC Assessment complaint and appeals. 

BC Assessment writes that 98% of the assessed properties do not appeal […]
When it comes to filing your BC Assessment Appeal, there are a […]
There are a number of steps you have to take to be […]

The secret to your success

Become a member and get access to the best resources available to assist in winning your BC Assessment reduction.


Phone and Email template scripts that were successful in getting a BC Assessment Reduction.


Prepare your presentation for your PARP Hearing from winning case examples. 


Listen to a number of real PARP Hearings that have won to learn from.


Download written complaint templates for you to use to advance your complaint at PAAB.

A collaborative way to appeal your BC Assessment

Sometimes not knowing the process can be daunting. Share your experiences with others and learn how you can navigate the complex road map of your BC Assessment Appeal with the support groups below.

Become a member of the BC Assessment Appeals Facebook group where you can connect with others who have appealed their values.  Join Now.

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